Tuesday, October 8, 2013


We had a great time at the park this weekend! It was a gorgeous fall day. Proof:

She may look big, but underneath all that hair, Cedar is pretty little :P

Gotta get the disc!

What a badass

She's got swag.

Damn, son

She looks like she's been electrocuted lol

Her favorite thing in the world

Launched into orbit!

Shitty throw, cool picture

For some reason this reminds me of the Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Blast off!

Tired girl

The gang on the playground

My dogs love slides. Is that weird?

Laying down on the states they were born in. Scully--ID, Ember--UT, Cedar-- IN

Chillin' on the huge tire

Prairie Wolves Only

Too bad she has such terrible structure *snort*

Queen of the Jungle (Gym)

Supernatural premieres tonight... EEP! Expect me to be a full-on wreck tomorrow :P


  1. The park was fun they love being ootside

  2. Ha! That's not our park but we have that same map of the US on the black top and the equipment looks the same. Love the leaping shots! Wow!